Everything You Need to Know about Silver Dollars and their Worth

07 Dec

What is your perception of money, now and if it didn't exist? What would we use to express value for transactions? The point of legal tender would be one presenting enormous challenges.} Before the existence of currency, business was done based on the exchange of what one had in excess with what one lacked (barter trade). Due to apparent weaknesses in barter trade, merchants decided to use various items throughout some centuries that held value such as precious gems and stones, to execute transactions. This phase of trade and currency is what brought upon the age of precious metals like silver and gold. In contemporary times, we now have money that is the solution to all the problems previous payments items presented. Now from the time stretching from the 1700s to today, governments have found ways of combining the money tag to precious metals. Value is still found in the precious metals of course. One embodiment of this is the silver dollar coins. These coins don't just hold value but are deemed a collectors dream and have excellent investment value. Today I want us to look at various American silver dollar coins.

Let us start with the American eagle silver dollar. This is a coin that is a must have for any collector out there. It holds great value and still has excellent aesthetic appeal. It is a coin in the silver range that is most recent in that it was first issued in 1986. It is a highly sought after silver coin and very popular among investors globally. Actually, it is the official silver bullion coin for the United States of America. Its design came from Adolph Weinman with the top side showing the Lady of Liberty in a walking stance. On the rear, we have an eagle under thirteen stars. It is over 40 millimeters in diameter and made of pure silver. Check out this website at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/coin and know more about silver coins.

You will find that the US mint produces the coins in the bullion version, proof version, and burnished version. The burnished version has a matte finish while the proof version has a glossy or mirror-like appearance. Indeed it is a coin worth having in your collection.

Then we have the Morgan Silver Dollars which was made possible by the Bland-Allison Act of 1878 which permitted bimetal minting of metals. The silver dollar coin, in this case, had its design developed by George Morgan, a Brit who worked in the American mint. Some of the features to look out for on the top end are: Lady of Liberty's head, The US motto- From Many, One, the year of pressing and 13 stars. Its reverse has an eagle holding arrows and olive branch as a sign of strength in war and peace. Based on its design, the Morgan dollar coin is a mix of history and modernity.

Liberty silver dollar coins today hold value because of the metal they are pressed on and hence as a collectible, it can be precious. You could equally trade with them in the precious metals market to make something extra. My Parting shot is, if you do collect coins, make an effort to get some legit silver dollar coins to boost the value and appeal of your collection.

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